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Aerospace & Defense Market - General Overview

Posted by Dave Olsen on 7/10/20 1:53 PM

Blue Chip companies in the aerospace and defense markets rely on MetalTek International for their metal casting needs. Your market demands perfection and MetalTek not only has the required certifications, but our Sales Engineers are industry specialists that understand your market. But even beyond our capabilities of what we can produce, MetalTek partners with you to make your products and businesses better. We only succeed when you are successful.


Case - TEP

An integrated manufacturing process that includes centrifugal, investment, sand, and continuous casting, along with machining lets customers in the aerospace market know they are working with metals experts. 

This approach allows the engineering and supply of net shaped product, providing the intricacy of investment casting with the integrity of centrifugal casting. Near net shaped components can be produced to provide large O.D. features that minimize post processing in nearly any quantity.

Crawler - Bearium

Bearium Metals' products are on the NASA launch pad and on Mars! Our Sales and Engineering teams dedicated to the Aerospace market ensure that you get the attention, expertise, and performance that you deserve. Bearium is often the basis design where regular lubrication is difficult or impossible. It has shown the same long life and superior performance in cryogenic environments as well.

From mandrels and forming dies to critical components for rocket engines, allow MetalTek to serve you and your metal needs. 

To learn more, visit our aerospace market page or contact us today.


Brave men and women in the armed forces keep us safe.  The last thing on their mind should be wondering if their equipment is going to fail or not.  In the defense market, your metal components must be perfect because lives are at stake. Engineering collaboration with MetalTek helps meet those challenges with innovative products and processes. Shaft Sleeve

Components are provided from multiple Nadcap certified facilities and our defense Market Specialists understand the nuances, details, and stringent requirements of the defense market. You cannot be in the defense market halfway, and MetalTek has the history and dedicated resources to help you build a superior product that will keep our brave men and women, and ultimately our country, safe. Missile Fin

From propulsion system components to missile fins, allow MetalTek to serve you and your metal needs.   

To learn more, visit our defense market page or contact us today.



MetalTek International helps customers just like you solve problems every day.  If you have questions or need to submit a request for quote, please contact us and access 20+ metallurgists and 80+ engineers to get the information and advice you need to excel.

MetalTek International. Because You Demand More Than Metal.

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