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Making a Lasting Difference at the Pentagon Memorial

Posted by Dave Olsen on 10/6/20 11:51 AM

The Pentagon Memorial is designed to honor those who lost their lives in the September 11, 2001 attack at the Pentagon. Each victim’s age and location at the time of the attack have been permanently inscribed into the Memorial by the unique placement and direction of each of the 184 benches. 

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Aerospace & Defense Market Experience

Posted by Dave Olsen on 7/14/20 11:36 AM

The Aerospace and Defense industry stretches the limits of performance and as a result, these markets demand perfection. Engineering collaboration with MetalTek helps meet those challenges with innovative products and processes. There are numerous examples of where MetalTek's alloy development or process capability has enhanced the performance of components used in the Aerospace and Defense markets.

Below are just a few examples of MetalTek's experience in these demanding markets.

Hub Body For Naval Destroyers

Exhaust Manifold For Army Tanks

Landing Gear Components For Aircraft

Firing Check Valve For Naval Applications

Tow Bellmouth For Littoral Combat Ship

Winch Drums For Navy Ships

Combustor Cover For Army Tanks

Benches For Pentagon Memorial

Airflow Body For Aircraft

Rocket Engine Nozzle

Injector Dome For Rocket Engines

Fuel Manifold For Aircraft

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Aerospace & Defense Market - General Overview

Posted by Dave Olsen on 7/10/20 1:53 PM

Blue Chip companies in the aerospace and defense markets rely on MetalTek International for their metal casting needs. Your market demands perfection and MetalTek not only has the required certifications, but our Sales Engineers are industry specialists that understand your market. But even beyond our capabilities of what we can produce, MetalTek partners with you to make your products and businesses better. We only succeed when you are successful.


An integrated manufacturing process that includes centrifugal, investment, sand, and continuous casting, along with machining lets customers in the aerospace market know they are working with metals experts. 

This approach allows the engineering and supply of net shaped product, providing the intricacy of investment casting with the integrity of centrifugal casting. Near net shaped components can be produced to provide large O.D. features that minimize post processing in nearly any quantity.

Bearium Metals' products are on the NASA launch pad and on Mars! Our Sales and Engineering teams dedicated to the Aerospace market ensure that you get the attention, expertise, and performance that you deserve. Bearium is often the basis design where regular lubrication is difficult or impossible. It has shown the same long life and superior performance in cryogenic environments as well.

From mandrels and forming dies to critical components for rocket engines, allow MetalTek to serve you and your metal needs. 

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Metal Casting vs. Metal Forging: 5 Things to Consider

Posted by Dave Olsen on 4/7/20 2:13 PM

While metal casting might be the best process to manufacture a wide range of components, depending on your needs, a forging could be the best option. Or vice-versa. Here are 5 things to consider when deciding if a casting or forging is right for your component, application, and overall needs. 

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MetalTek Continues To Serve Customers During COVID-19

Posted by Dave Olsen on 3/26/20 11:01 AM

Valued Customers,

As governments and first responders around the world address the evolving threat of the coronavirus, it appears that it could be some time before things return to normal. MetalTek is fortunate to share an update that we hope provides a small measure of certainty to you during this uncertain time.

MetalTek is part of multiple "Critical Infrastructure Industries” as defined by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, including the “Defense Industrial Base.” Companies in such industries are asked to maintain normal work schedules during the crisis to ensure that the U.S. remains safe and secure. As a result, all five MetalTek facilities are maintaining operations and we anticipate no disruptions to production or shipping.

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