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High Lead Tin Bronze Material Profiles

Posted by Dave Olsen on 2/23/16 12:55 PM


  • MetalTek 83-7-7-3 (C93200) (SAE 660) Bearing bronze
  • This standard cast bronze-bearing alloy is used widely for a great many applications.
Properties – Why select this material
  • This alloy possesses good hardness, strength, and wear resistance.
  • Excellent anti-frictional qualities
  • Good casting properties.
  • Readily machined, broached or reamed.
Applications – Frequent uses
  • Bushings for electric motor, cranes and draglines
  • Track roller bushings for crawler tractors
  • Guide bushings for valves
  • Main bearings for presses
  • Many other wear applications


  • MTEK 80-10-10 (C93700) (SAE 64) Bearing bronze


  • Bearing bronze possessing good strength and generally high mechanical properties.  

Properties – Why select this material

  • Resistance to mild acids.
  • Excellent wear resistance under high speeds, heavy pressure, shock and vibration.
  • Where lubrication is not excellent, but it requires a hardened steel shaft.

Applications – Frequent uses

  • Steering knuckle bushings
  • Rolling mill bushings
  • Valve rocker arm bushings
  • Trunnion Bearings


  • MTEK 79-6-15 Hi Lead (C93900) Bearing bronze


  • Non-seizing bronze alloy often used where lubrication is doubtful.  

Properties – Why select this material

  • Bearing applications where moderate pressures and high speeds are prevalent.
  • Applications where regular lubrication is difficult.
  • Excellent anti-frictional properties and corrosion resistance to seawater, brine and certain concentrations of sulfuric acid, but only fair strength.

Applications – Frequent uses

  • Diesel engine bearings
  • Rolling mill bearings
  • Kingpin bushings for earth moving equipment
  • Seals and bushings for gasoline pumps

For guidance in selecting the appropriate high lead tin bronze in your application, contact us.

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