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Material Applications: Heat Resistant Alloy Profiles Part 1

Posted by Dave Olsen on 9/6/16 2:30 PM


Nickel Iron Chrome (Ni-Fe-Cr) Alloys. This group includes grades HX and HW.


These high temperature stainless steel have the highest nickel content (around 60%) in the high temperature family.
Properties – Why select this material

  • HX and HW provide the highest carburization resistance of the standard alloys.
  • Good oxidation resistance.
  • Good thermal shock resistance.

Some Typical Application Types

  • Electrical heating elements
  • Hearths
  • Muffles
  • Quenching fixtures
  • Containers for molten lead

Nickel Chrome Iron (Ni-Cr-Fe) Alloys.


This group includes proprietary alloys loosely in the range of 45% Ni and 30% Cr with the balance of iron sometimes diminished by additions of tungsten and cobalt.  

Properties – Why select this material

  • Very high strength.
  • High temperature applications up to 2300°F - 2400°F/1260°C - 1320°C.
  • Good oxidation resistance.

Some Typical Application Types
  • Hydrogen reformers
  • Tube supports and hangars
  • Steel reheat furnaces

Topics: Alloy Selection, Heat Resistent Stainless Steel, Physical Properties, Mechanical Properties

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