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Tin Bronze Material Profile

Posted by Dave Olsen on 2/23/16 8:40 AM



  • MTEK 943 (C94300) Tin bronze


  • Bearing alloy with the ability to operate at high speeds and light loads under adverse lubrication conditions.

Properties – Why select this material

  • Where deformation due to bad fit of components is an issue. Good conformability.
  • It has fair strength and wear resistance, but excellent anti-frictional properties.
  • It can be used for light to moderate loads at high speeds, but it lacks the compressive strength to withstand heavy shock loads and pounding.

Applications – Frequent uses

  • Bearing liners requiring local deformation due to bad fit.
  • Underwater service
  • Water lubricated bearings
  • Locomotive bearing parts
  • Rod bushings
  • Hydraulic pump bushings

For guidance in selecting the appropriate tin bronze in your application, contact us.

Topics: Copper Based Alloys, Non-Ferrous, Bronze, Tin Bronze

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