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What Is Aluminum Bronze?

Posted by Dave Olsen on 12/19/19 10:12 AM

Aluminum Bronzes are a family of copper-based alloys that use iron and nickel in their chemistry - but rely on aluminum as the principle alloying element. Aluminum significantly adds to the strength to the point that it is similar to that of medium carbon steel. The additional advantage is that aluminum bronze also possesses excellent corrosion resistance.  It is that strength and corrosion resistance that gave rise to the early use of aluminum bronze.

A small adjustment in metallurgy causes significant changes in performance. This recognition of other properties has led to the use of Aluminum Bronzes for a variety of parts requiring strength, hardness, resistance to wear and galling, low magnetic permeability, resistance to cavitation, erosion, softening and oxidation at elevated temperatures.  These properties, together with ease of weldability, have greatly extended the fields of application for Aluminum Bronze.

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Topics: Copper Based Alloys, Non-Ferrous, Bronze, Aluminum Bronze

Aluminum Bronze Material Profile

Posted by Dave Olsen on 2/22/16 1:50 PM


  • Aluminum Bronze Alloys


  • A family of alloys containing aluminum as the principle alloying element, offering strength similar to medium carbon steel and possessing excellent corrosion resistance.

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Topics: Copper Based Alloys, Non-Ferrous, Bronze, Aluminum Bronze

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