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Near-Net Shaping: Combining Shaping Technology with the Centrifugal Process

Posted by Dave Olsen on 4/18/17 2:10 PM


Near-net shaping combines various shaping technologies, such as sand casting and investment casting, with the high-integrity centrifugal process to maximize the benefits of each. Net-shaping can be readily added to add O.D. profiles to centrifugally cast components through the use of sand, ceramic, or split graphite dies. True net-shaping at investment casting levels of O.D. detail can be added by employing MetalTek’s proprietary net shaping technology and special tooling.

In addition to reduced cost due to savings because of reduced metal used, near-net shaping and net shaping centrifugal casting enables tighter quality control, especially in applications where alloy solidification behavior is a problem. Finally, since shaping is casted in versus machined in, customers realize a savings in machining costs.

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Topics: Centrifugal Casting, Vertical Casting, Casting Process, Net Shaping

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